Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Falalala.... huh where'd it go?

Christmas raced by in a flurry! I often wonder how it can come and go so fast. The kids had a great day, and I have to admit we did too. You know what I LOVE, just absolutley LOVE about our kids? They NEVER get up early on Christmas!!!! The earliest they've ever gotten up is 7:30am! Most Christmases they will wake up around 9am! So AWESOME!!! If I had my crap together (which I do NOT), then Robert and I would not end up going to bed at around 3am every Christmas eve, lol. So for the kids to sleep in till 9am, is so very cool! We are not morning people, so it works very well for us, lol!

One thing that totally blew me away, is that the kids got along very well all day. Finally about 8:30pm Miranda and Marcus got back to their fighting, but what a day! Sooooooo nice!

Saturday was Marcus' Birthday - WHOOOOO HOOOOO 12 years old!!!!! He had a blast with Dad at Castles and Coasters! Marcus and Robert had the chance to spend the day with one of the University of Minnisota Gophers football players at Castle and Coasters. Marcus was thrilled! He had such a great day. Afterward we went to Olive Garden for dinner. And at the end of our day Marcus said "You know Mom, I think this was the very best Birthday I've ever had." Sweet!! Getting the much wanted and begged for RipStick probably had a little bit to do with it. This child is the most determined little person I've ever seen. When he got heelies over 2 years ago he was determined to learn to use them. A scraped elbow, forehead, hip, back, and extrememly black eye later he had it down. And how long did this take? Ohhhhh, about 8 hours, lol! The Ripstick was learned much quicker, and now we are on to the dangerous stage - tricks - lol! But being the smart little fellow that he is he realized right away that the helmet he has for skateboarding (that never get's used) was vital in learning the ride the Ripstick. So thankfully he does wear it, at least for now. Altho today he unstrapped his helmet, and decided to step back onto the ripstick. He fell and his helmet somehow smashed him right in the nose. It is amazing how much blood that little nose can hold! Lesson learned - strap it on!
My amazing young man, he just blows me away!


  1. he sounds so much like My little guy...who just wiped out his knee today wrecking his bike. He was trying to do some kind of trick on it. Tomorrow he will be right back at it! Sounds like Robert and marcua had a good time! Glad you guys had a good Christmas!

  2. Marcua - sorry for the typos. Reminds me of when Little Man used to call Marcus "Farcus." Still makes me laugh.

  3. holy smoly... how do you get them to sleep that long? The longest my kids have ever slept in... maybe 7:30... and thats pushing it. I'm impressed... and jealous!

  4. HEY!! I just found your blog! How fun. I love to have holidays when everyone is having a great time and all getting along. Sounds like yours was perfect. And sleeping in? wow.